Integrating Webflow Forms with Trello Using APIs: A Step-by-Step Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to integrate Webflow forms with Trello using Webflow Logic and Trello's API.

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The integration of Webflow forms with Trello streamlines project management and enhances team efficiency.

This guide explores how to seamlessly transfer data from Webflow forms into Trello, transforming form submissions into actionable Trello tasks.

Understanding the Integration

Objective: The primary goal of this integration is to automate the process of converting Webflow form submissions into Trello cards, facilitating task creation and tracking.

Benefits: This setup allows real-time synchronization of customer inquiries, feedback, or any form submissions into Trello.

It's ideal for improving team responsiveness and efficiency in project management. Typical use cases include customer service management, feedback collection, and project initiation processes.

Integration Methods

While there are various methods to integrate Webflow with Trello, including third-party tools, this guide focuses on a direct approach using Webflow Logic and Trello's API for a more tailored and controlled integration process.

Step-by-Step Integration Process

1. Setting Up API Access

  • Trello API Key and Token: First, obtain your Trello API key and generate a token from Trello's API key page. Detailed instructions for this process can be found in Trello’s developer documentation.
  • Webflow API Access: Generate an API token from the Integrations section of your Webflow project settings.

2. Custom Integration for Webflow Forms

  • Design your Webflow form with careful consideration, ensuring it captures all necessary data for effective use in Trello.

3. Webflow Logic Setup

  • Set Up the Trigger: In your Webflow Logic workflow, choose "Form Submission" as the trigger and select the specific form to initiate the workflow.
  • Define the Action as an HTTPS Request: Select "Make an HTTPS request" as the action. This allows you to send the form data to Trello’s API.

Configure HTTPS Request Details:

  • URL: Use to create a new Trello card.
  • Method: Select POST.
  • Headers: Include necessary headers for authentication, such as Authorization: Bearer {your_trello_token}.
  • Body: Map your Webflow form fields to the Trello card fields in a JSON format.
  • Test Your Workflow: Conduct multiple tests with different data inputs to ensure the workflow operates correctly.
  • Error Handling and Monitoring: Keep an eye on the workflow, particularly for common issues like API rate limits or incorrect field mappings. Webflow Logic may provide error logs for troubleshooting.


This guide provides a comprehensive method to integrate Webflow forms with Trello, enhancing your project management capabilities. Experimenting with different configurations can optimize the workflow to suit specific needs.

For advanced customizations, refer to the Webflow and Trello’s API documentation or contact us here.

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