Crafting Success: A Journey from Personal Challenges to Global Business Triumphs

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November 11, 2023


In the bustling world of entrepreneurship and social media, standing out is as much an art as it is a science.

Jessica Prieto, the visionary behind Travel With Curls, a travel platform dedicated to reducing stereotypes through cross-cultural communication tactics, also serves as the creative force behind Conquer Media, a dynamic marketing agency who fosters global connections between people, places and cultures.

Her endeavours stand as a compelling testament to this commitment. Navigating a journey fraught with challenges and life obstacles, she skillfully transformed hardships into a global phenomenon.

Through her role as a globally recognized entrepreneur, she has woven a narrative of resilience, innovation, and the transformative power of embracing one's uniqueness.

Her work seamlessly connects people, places, and cultures, leaving an indelible mark on the global landscape.

The Genesis of an Entrepreneurial Spirit

At just 19, Jessica's entrepreneurial journey began with a clothing line, reflecting not only her business acumen but also a deep-seated passion for fashion.

Her early challenges, particularly being bullied for her distinct hair, became a source of strength. 

Jessica transformed what once was a perceived weakness into a unique asset, embodying the ethos that would define her future ventures.

Fashion, Business, and Beyond

Jessica's quest for knowledge took her to London, where she studied Fashion Design and International Business Management.

During this timeframe, she initiated Travel With Curls, a travel blog that emerged from her passion for exploring diverse cultures and immersing herself in their rich tapestry.

This platform became more than just a travel diary; it was a conduit through which she connected with like-minded individuals.

This laid the foundation for what would become an extension of her travel platform, a marketing creative agency, Conquer Media, a marketing cross-border communication agency that connects people, creates solutions, and conquers goals. 

Conquer Media: Filling the Gap in the Market

Recognizing the immense potential in social media, Jessica adeptly identified a gap in the market. Conquer Media wasn’t just another agency; it was a culmination of Jessica's experiences and insights.

Drawing upon the profound connections and experiences cultivated during her global travels, she seamlessly integrated the best business practices acquired through adventurous journeys and interactions with fellow entrepreneurs into her agency.

This strategic approach has empowered her clients to gain a competitive edge in their marketing communication tactics.

Leveraging her network, including collaborations with former colleagues, she focused on building an innovative agency that integrates the founder's travel experiences into a dynamic marketing platform, exceeding business owners' expectations.

This fosters unique connections with external markets, expanding global reach through effective cross-border communication and marketing methods.

Her strategy was simple yet effective: find the demand of cross-border connections and fill it.

A Unique Approach to Media

When asked what sets Conquer Media apart, Jessica's answer is unequivocal: storytelling and self-branding via Travel With Curls. 

In a digital world awash with content, Conquer Media’s approach to crafting unique narratives is its ace. This emphasis on storytelling is not just a business strategy but a personal mantra for Jessica – an aspect that cannot be easily replicated online.

Notable Achievements and Global Recognition

Jessica's prowess was prominently displayed in a project with a UK-based company, where she facilitated a partnership with Atlantis The Royal Dubai, marking a significant footprint in the UAE market.

This venture wasn't just business; it was a brand message echoing Travel With Curls mission to execute Conquer Media’s global outreach and communicative expertise.

Words of Wisdom from Jessica

Jessica’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is grounded in the importance of personal development and a resilient mindset.

In her words, "Unexpected changes can occur suddenly, and without mental preparation, we may stumble, leading to significant negative impacts on our business and hindering its growth potential." She promotes venturing beyond comfort zones and emphasizes the importance of cultivating enduring, authentic connections by actively participating in online community groups, attending in-person networking events, and making use of collaborative workspaces.

Her philosophy is simple yet profound: real connections go beyond social media; they are fostered through personal one-on-one relationships


Jessica Prieto's story is more than just a success narrative; it's a beacon for those who dare to embrace their uniqueness and step outside of their comfort zone.

Her transition from a modest start and a migrant family relocating from Colombia to the US for a better future showcases a journey from humble beginnings to the global stage of entrepreneurship and cross-border connections.

It vividly underscores that our unique qualities often constitute our greatest strengths.