Redesign & Webflow Development
E-Trims is a family-founded multinational company, led by Enamul Haque, which specializes in delivering comprehensive labelling and packaging solutions.
2 Weeks

The Ethical Choice

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Project Overview

The E-Trims website redesign project was embarked upon to revitalize the brand's digital presence with an emphasis on their ethical and sustainable approach to label and packaging solutions. The original E-Trims site focused on their product offerings and the quality of their manufacturing processes. The redesign aimed to streamline the user experience, making the ethical commitment and innovative spirit of the brand front and center, while also showcasing their diverse product lines in a more visually appealing and engaging way.

Our Mission

The mission was to create a user-centric website that not only reflects E-Trims' commitment to sustainability and innovation but also enhances the brand's narrative through strategic design elements. The website was to serve as a platform that underscores E-Trims' role as an international leader in eco-friendly and ethically produced labelling and packaging, while also driving customer engagement and providing detailed insight into their extensive product range.

Design Philosophy

The Result

The redesigned website presents E-Trims as "The Ethical Choice," highlighting their sustainable practices with impactful statistics such as "90% less environmental impact" and a "25% boost in team morale." The design utilizes a clean, modern aesthetic with a cohesive color scheme that aligns with their branding. The user interface has been simplified to improve navigation, allowing customers to easily access information on products and services. By focusing on the storytelling aspect of every product, the website ensures that E-Trims' ethos of quality and corporate responsibility is communicated effectively. The redesign culminates in an elevated brand experience that aligns with E-Trims' vision and the needs of their clientele.